The St. Eustatius Waste Solutions SWS has put certain criteria’s in place to advance the safety of the community and to protect all waste collectors. With regards to waste collection on the island a waste management protocol is established. SWS is cautiously looking out for the safety of its staff members who will be collecting waste on their usual route within the community.

Please see protocol and current arrangements:

  • Waste collection will continue as normal for non-self-quarantine households.
  • Special sorting information will be provided to all self-quarantine individuals.
  • Waste collection for self-quarantine households! Please note that your waste will not be collected on your scheduled day. Self-quarantine members will be given special instructions with regard to waste handling by the appointed authorities.
  • All questionable waste will be processed after standard opening hours at the facility. This is to reduce the unneeded presence of persons not involved in the process.
  • During the COVID-19 period, SWS is encouraging the community to put their waste at the roadside the night before the collection.
  • It is a requirement that each household wipes down their bin before and after collection.

Standard routine:

Any contaminated items you produce should be placed in the black bin.

  • Tissue papers
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Wipes
  • Masks
  • Please separate the above items from the rest of your waste and place those items into a plastic bag, to prevent the escape of the materials. Additional information will be provided.