What can I recycle? / What kind of plastic items are accepted?

  • Plastic bottles and jugs
  • Glass jars and bottles of any colors.
  • Aluminum and tin cans.
  • Cardboard, Cereal boxes.
  • Batteries.
  • A variety of paper products, including office paper, newspaper, magazines and envelopes (with or without windows) telephone books and paper grocery bags.

How does recycling work?

Used consumer goods are collected, converted back into raw materials and remade into new consumer products.

Why do we have to sort our recyclables?

There is no need to separate recyclable materials. All recyclables can be tossed into the same bin. They are then collected by a truck and transported to a sorting center where the real magic begins.

How should I prepare my recyclables?

Empty all liquids and do not crush cans. Wash glass bottles (jam, peanut butter)

What happens to all the recyclables? / Where do they go?

All mixed recycling is sorted and separated into different types of materials by hand or machine (or both) before being sent to manufacturers who makes it into new products.

Why can’t everything go into one bin?

Residents can place all recyclable items in their recycling bins without sorting them. Eliminating the need for sorting recyclables at home makes the process easier on residents and truck drivers.

Do I need to bag my trash?

It is not a necessity to bag recyclables, but the non-recyclables need to be bagged.

How do you mean for us to separate our waste?

Trash would be separated into two main categories: dry and wet waste. Dry waste consist of solid and recyclable materials. Wet waste consist mostly of organic waste such as food, soiled diapers and other damp materials.

What will be done with the different sorts of waste?

The recyclables will be recycled and the non-recyclables will be incinerated.

Can persons tour the recycling center?

On request, in groups.

What is the policy for damaged bins?

The collectors will report of any damages to a bin. You may also do so by contacting the facility and reporting that a bin has been damaged. A fee will be applicable for the replacement of that bin.

I am a new resident. How do I get bins?

Visit the office and register.

What do we do with our old bins?

For those that has use for it, you may keep it and if not, as we go over into recycling and you’ve registered you can turn it upside down outside and it will be picked up.

My waste was not picked up on my scheduled day. What should I do?

Visit the office or call and make a complaint.

Will there be pickups on Holidays?

We will compensate with the route to either pick up the day before or the day after.

When will my waste be collected?

On its scheduled day. Each route has its day when their garbage will be collected.

When will the process begin?

As soon as you signed up.

How to verify my property size?

To know for sure you could always visit D.R.O.B and ask Mr. Esmond. He would be able to tell you the size of your property.

When cleaning my yard, will there be someone I can get in contact with to collect my waste? And if so will that be on particular days?

You may contact the waste facility and we will send a certified transporter to collect your waste. The expense of this collection is for the household. This is to be paid to the collector. You are also free to bring the items yourself.